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    I was born in 1970 in Elazig. I completed Primary School and High School in Elazig. Between 1989 and 1990 I obtained my degree at the Airforce Technical School and between 1990 and 1991 I completed the Airforce Language School. In 1991 I was appointed to the 6th Homebase 162 Squadron Personel Electrical and Environmental Systems. Within this year, I completed F-16 documentation and general Aircraft and Electrical and Environmental Control System. Until 1995 I was apart of this squadron and after I passed Back Shop chiefing. After I had worked in flight line until 1995 . I operated tracing process , maintanence of system equipment , supporting ground batteries and plane batteries in the unit which I was assigned as a Back Shop Atelier senior in Electrical&Enviromental Control Sys. At the same time within this period I participated in Research and Development mission and AirPlane battery production Project of Aspilsan company. In paralel with I operated in 6. Main Jet Base Command quality and safety Electrical&Enviomental Control Systems control sergeant duty between 1997 – 2001. When I was assigned as a back shop atelier responsible of 8. Main Jet Base Command Diyarbakir Electrical&Enviroment Control system I proceed the duties of quality control and supply until 2005. I worked in aircraft maintenance support unit in the Air Force. I fullfilled the support and calibration equipment’s follow-up procedures with PMEL and supply logistic cooperation in support atelier unit. In 2005 I was assigned as a sergeant of 9.Main Jet Base command Balikesir 191. Fleet Flight Line Electrical&Enviroment Control Sys. Also within these periods, i had disassembly, inspection, repair and reassembly LRU’s & SRU’s on airplane or helicopter . After 2007, i appointed as a atelier commander to 2015. I fullfilled the duty of 191 Fleet Flight Line atelier’s chief (AMU) between 2012 – 2015. I operated Quality Control , Asessment Inspection , Flight Line Seniority and under the responsibility of helicopter maintenance during these years. I performed education planning , transition planning and transportation and management , flight and ground safety and etc. again within this period. I had been in 1993 and 1998 I worked with the Peace Keeping troops for NATO in Kosovo and I represented our country abroad with NATO Exercise in the context of Fleet transmissions. I had been joined to operational tasks in the Turkey Airbase. After than i was retired I have been real estate companies as personnel and technical managers. As a result -Long term experience in TUAF - Flight line / Phase Shop/ head chief QA-QC /Head officer of maintenace shop. - Encompassing progressively responsible positions in aircraft structure, trouble shooting and field maintenance. Airplane inspection, repair and reassembly. -Strong leadership and initiative leading to national/international appointment for several mission in several country. -Team header in electrical/Chaffing awarness program. -Teamheader in Phase shop inspection and overall maiantance program execution. -Supervisory role for operation and unity transition and plan programing -Experinces reading and underdtanding for all type tecnical document and drawings - Senior executives & Leadership administration and manangment programing -experiences all the instruments and follow the procedures of the caliber devices


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