Namik Soytok

Namik Soytok

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Précédents : Globull SA Groningen, Carrefour


Précédents : HEC, Ecole De Produit Frais Carrefour, ULP


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    About Me; I have been working in retail for more than 20 years now. As part of the executive team I was in charge of building management teams .I have been involved in projects Europe or outside U.E., since I have both French and Turkish nationalities I was able to be part of many projects across Europe; either from Logistics point of view or supplier chains or both. I saw the need in entrepreneurial business management in retail reason why I left Carrefour Group to share my knowledge, and reach other markets and companies. A quick overview of the biggest projects I was part of or owned; 150 millions worth of business was created in FMCG and MDD-Private Label businesses with Carrefour Group and other retailers throughout Europe: - Entrepreneurial business units - Carrefour Private label products (from production to shelf) FMCG ; deployed in - Valencia, Madrid /Spain, Paris /France, - Entrepreneurial business units - Carrefour Private label products (from production to shelf) MDD; deployed in Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul Turkey - Athens, Greece - Brussels, Antwerp /Belgium - Paris /France - Milan /Italy Today I'm working as a consultent for many groups ,recently finished a mall project in Izmir /Turkey, nevertheless I do not have any obligations with any these companies. Being a business savvy person myself, I always excel in projects I am involved with, could be either from the the ground up or from an existing business, I am a business ''do-er'' and always look forward to bring my projects to the desired levels of growth and turn them into flourishing activities and outperform in results. Best Regards. N.Soytok



Directeur General

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Business Development Start-up Supply Chain Shoping Mall&Hypermarket Expansion &Assets

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Cybersecurite Intranet&Internet Protection Anti-Attacks

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Expansion&Assets Management Supply Chain Management Shopping Mall&Hypermarkets Directeur(Ville du Bois Paris Sud) FMCG -Production and Survey F&B Management P&L Private Label MDD

HEC, Paris


De septembre 2005 à septembre 2006
MBA M2M,B2B,FMCG,Supply Chain

Ecole De Produit Frais Carrefour, Paris

17/20, Produits Frais FMCG

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Formation Speciales pour les Cadres Superieurs Paris,Marseille,Gronoble

ULP, Strasbourg

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