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Ronnie Frings

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    Auditor/Ceo Glade Services Inc. I am a Trader, Auditor, Mentor, Investment Manager, Logistics Expert and General Business Man. Quickly I learned of the huge sales volume potential, but more importantly how the industry worked. Back then the internet was basically non-existent, only used for universities, scientists, and government for text documents. An industry where a handshake or a verbal confirmation over the phone was all it took to conduct millions of dollars of business! A tightly knit business where your word was your bond! Throughout my career I continued to explore alternatives, educating myself about market trends, new products, alternate transportation options, lumber futures, and other ways to differentiate myself from the competition. I developed a computerized platform enabling our 27 broker team to quickly share market knowledge, product availability, and delivered pricing. My knack for sourcing & shipping constantly pushed me to a position in procurement. I successfully continued to use technology to share my products and information with my manufacturers, customers, coworkers, and transporters. My appetite for learning and my procurement and marketing experience dealing directly with huge manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and transportation firms has driven me to create this world-class business platform servicing this industry while delivering to consumers the information necessary to make educated decisions in a timely fashion. Now in today's global market, it is increasingly more evident that when it comes to marketing, buying, selling, or transporting any product, there is a defined need for real-time, organized reliable, detailed information about these goods and services! Our goal is to become your worldwide one stop shop for building materials and related services founded on the same trust and integrity which had drawn me to this very industry 27 years ago. I would appreciate any suggestions as we continue to improve upon our site. Please let us know how we can better serve you! Thank you!



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